LASIGE "Accessibility & Aging" Research Line

I am a senior integrated member of LASIGE, a CSE research unit at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. I am the Coordinator of the Accessibility and Aging excellence research line, to which I contribute with four other faculty, several PhD and Master students, among other researchers.

LASIGE team posing together near FCUL C6 building

#Tech&People Lab (Lab Memo)

My lab is composed of people that work with me in their day to day on research addressing understanding and devising new interactive technologies for accessible computing, pervasive healthcare, and usable privacy. We call ourselves the #Tech&People Lab.


  • Tiago Guerreiro Assistant Professor


  • André Santos Research Enginner, Mobile Accessibility
  • Sérgio Alves Research Enginner, Pervasive Health


  • Ana Pires PostDoc Researcher, Human Perception
  • António Barros PostDoc Researcher, Inclusive Education

Graduate Students

  • André Rodrigues PhD Student (co-advised by Dr. Kyle Montague [Openlab, Newcastle]), Mobile Accessibility
  • Diogo Marques PhD Student (co-advised by Prof. Luís Carriço), Usable Privacy
  • Diogo Branco PhD Student, Data-Driven Heathcare
  • Joana Domingues, M.D. (Neurologist) PhD Student, Remote Patient Assessment (co-advisor to Prof. Joaquim Ferreira [Med School, UL])

Undergraduate Students

  • Luís Carvalho Master Student, Pervasive Health
  • José Franco Master Student, Usable Privacy
  • Hugo Simão Master Student (co-advised by Prof. Rita Almendra [Architecture School, UL]), HRI for Health
  • Laíza Silva Master Student (advised by Prof. Seiji Isotani), Inclusive Education (6-month visit from USP, Brazil)
  • Álvaro Teles Master Student, Usable Privacy


Check our lab memo for basic rules and principles of our day to day, overarching goals, and strategy.