Besides our paper Hybrid-Brailler: Combining Physical and Gestural Interaction for Mobile Braille Input and Editing, we had two other extended abstracts accepted at CHI 2018.

One talks about Enabling Biographical Cognitive Stimulation for People with Dementia where we present our work on designing for people with dementia and caregivers. In this extended abstract we talk about how to improve cognitive stimulation therapies, namely on how to collect meaningful information about a person in a way that does not cause a burden to all those involved. Further, we talk about maintaining and nurturing the knowledge about the person and the interventions. All of this was achieved through the development of a web application, Scrapbook, and its usage in clinical settings. We briefly report the design and case study in the paper.

The second paper talks about Data Donors: Sharing Knowledge for Mobile Accessibility where we talk about donations of data for the greater good. We make the analogy between charitable donations and data donations, where tech savvy people and others with required expertises can make their interaction data available to benefit others in need.

These are preliminary and conceptual works. Comments are welcome.