I am an HCI reseacher with focus on improving access to computing technologies to people with different abilities, and on re-designing interactions and workflows for pervasive healthcare. Alongside, I am concerned with how people, in general, are able to secure their data, particularly from non-sophisticated insiders. I do all this with a strong user- and data-driven approach, pillared by deploying and assessing technological artifacts in-the-wild (i.e., in the real world). I am proud to be collaborating with institutions for blind people for over 12 years, with weekly engagements and prototypes being used for periods over 8 years; and with care homes, clinical centres and hospitals, in the last five years, with longitudinal (and still ongoing) deployments of our prototypes. I also seek to have near-term impact in the life of the populations I work with by deploying functional prototypes, making them available (e.g., Braille21), or by training people in using technology. I am a Professor of Computer Science at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa and a researcher at LASIGE, where I coordinate the Accessibility and Aging Research Line.

Media attention to our Usable Privacy research

Our research was featured on “The Daily Show” by Trevor Noah on July 29th. The research led by Diogo Marques, advised by me and Luis Carriço, with the collaboration of UBC researchers (Ivan Beschastnikh and Kosta Beznosov), had media attention in the last three years (since our SOUPS’16 paper), but... [Read More]

ACM TACCESS new Editor-in-Chief

I am appointed as the new co-EiC of ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing, together with Stephanie Ludi (starting Aug 1)

Paper Accepted at ASSETS 2019

Our paper on "The Design Space of of Nonvisual Word Completion" will be presented in Pittsburgh in October. Pre-print soon!

Strong showing at CHI 2019

One Full paper, Two Late-Breaking-Works, One Symposium paper, Two SVs, One Subcommittee Chair, Seven People

New members!

The Tech&People lab welcomes two new PostDocs, one PhD student, and two MSc students